All about Auto Electrical Services

Every vehicle depends on a fully functional electrical system for reliable and safe operation. Of course, it needs fuel to run smoothly and periodic checks to keep things operating efficiently, but without healthy auto electrics you won’t be going anywhere fast.
We offer auto electrical services to assist you in diagnosing problems with your vehicle, as well as repairs. From dreaded battery drama to faulty switches and connections, it’s also good to familiarize yourself with the electrical system basics to effectively start your car’s engine, power the headlights and run most of the safety systems within your vehicle. Let’s take a look at a few auto electrical diagnostic tips for most common problems.

The Battery vs the Alternator

On average a car battery ought to be changed after every 3 years. Should you find yourself having issues with it before then, chances are your alternator isn’t working or the connections in the electrical control unit have been disabled. Extreme heat as well as driving style can play a big role in the life of your battery too. If your vehicle is having starting problems, inspect the battery first and check all cables to see if they are properly connected.
The alternator’s function is to charge the car’s battery and keep it running; only when the engine is running. If you find your car is ticking over, but not actually starting, this could be a sign the alternator is failing. You’ll notice some of your car’s accessories like the radio and lights won’t be working or are dull. If you have replaced the battery or the battery is new but won’t keep charge, the issue almost always lies with the alternator and needs replacing or repairing.

Blown fuses

A blown fuse or two is another common problem within your car. This can shut off your headlights or electric windows, or completely stop your vehicle functioning properly altogether; depending on what fuses have blown. Your owner’s manual leads you to the fuse panel of your vehicle and it’s a fairly simple process to diagnose, find and replace it yourself.