How to make a car battery last longer

Having to prematurely pay for a car battery replacement can be avoided, but fortunately, there are many ways to make your car battery last for the entire warranty period, or beyond. The great news is that none of these tips will cost you anything, and by following them, you can save money, and avoid unnecessary expenses.

Use the right battery

It is crucial that you use the right battery for your vehicle, and this is the surest way to prevent a premature battery replacement. Diesel engines are particularly hard on batteries and using a car battery that can hardly produce the correct number of cranking amps not only damages the battery, but the starter motor as well. Make sure that when replacing a car battery, get the one that conforms to the manufacturer’s specifications.

Keep the battery cool

Hot, humid weather kills more batteries than the coldest winter, so it’s important to protect your battery by wrapping it in a purpose-made protective cover to protect it from both high ambient temperatures, and high under-hood temperatures.

Keep it clean

Batteries tend to accumulate a lot of grime mixed with moisture on the casing due to hot, humid climates. At some point, the layer of grime becomes so saturated with moisture that it starts to conduct electricity between the poles. Always ensure the top of the battery casing is kept clean to prevent a slow short circuit.

Ensure good contact

Acid buildup around the poles and terminals occurs when acid escapes from the casing through microscopic cracks, so prevent a premature battery replacement by removing acid buildup as soon as it appears. Overtime, the acid buildup corrodes the terminals, which causes contact between the pole and the terminal. Moreover, poor contact causes arcing and high resistance, which can kill a battery in a very short space of time. Whenever there’s an acid buildup, neutralize it with a solution of bicarbonate and water, and apply a coating of battery sealer to prevent a recurrence.